Olvidó su ID de Adobe, ¿ahora qué?

Forgot your Adobe ID, now what?

Forgot your Adobe ID, now what?


Without an ID, things get tricky – your Adobe ID is an essential part of your Adobe account. Normally, there is no way you can access your data without this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help you even if you still know the associated password. However, we have put together some possibilities for you, which you can still try.

Latest attempts to rescue your Adobe ID

Do you have an Oyo eReader? Then you might be lucky. To use this eReader you also need an Adobe ID. You can usually find this in the form of an email address, often as [Name]@ meinoyo.com. You can find it in the Oyo menu and then under the information about the reader.

The other option would be to consider what Adobe software you are using. You may have made a note of what username or email address you are using with it. The Adobe ID can be used universally for all Adobe products. So if you find your name or email address anywhere you can use it to log in again. You can also try using your default email address. Either with the known password or use the “Did you forget your password“-Function.