Google Play Store pronto instalará aplicaciones prerregistradas automáticamente

Fortnite creators consider Play Store fees illegal

Google Play Store will soon install pre-registered apps automatically

Epic Games says that Google compulsions on the Play Store are illegal, the reason for this is the very high fees.

Google and Apple are making huge amounts of money from app developers and publishers in their own app stores. At the same time, they ask the app providers to trust the corresponding app store structures. This is why Fortnite is available for Android devices, but not through the Google Play Store. At the beginning of the new week something is happening, Epic Games is publicly entering into negotiations with Google for the inclusion of Fortnite in the Play Store. Just not the way Google would want it to be.

Because there is the aforementioned problem, the high fees for in-app sales and the deliberate compulsion to use Google’s payment systems. You really don’t feel like doing it at Epic Games. Google, for its part, has already announced that it will not make exceptions. Epic Games’ recent arguments about what they think of Google’s strategy are interesting. Does that smell like demand?

Epic holds Google responsible

According to Epic Games, no exception should be made for Fortnite; instead, Google’s business model is fundamentally questioned.

“Epic is not looking for any particular exception for us. Rather, we expect a general change in smartphone industry practices in this regard. We asked Google not to enforce its publicly expressed expectation that products sold through Google Play would use Google’s payment service for in-app purchases. We believe that this way of linking a mandatory payment service with a 30% rate in the case of a distribution platform with a market share greater than 50% illegal it is. “

Epic sees itself as a good example, as in its own computer game store it does not force third-party game developers to use Epic’s paid service.