Fortnite: el éxito de juegos es rechazado para Google Play Store

Fortnite: gaming success is rejected for Google Play Store

Fortnite: gaming success is rejected for Google Play Store

Fortnite should be offered on the Google Play Store, but Google rejects the conditions required for it.

Epic Games doesn’t seem to want to do without the Google Play Store, the extremely popular Fortnite should be offered there soon too. Until now, it hadn’t been used, Fortnite is only available on its own home page. A bit cumbersome, but developers don’t have to deduct a percentage from Google for in-game purchases. You still don’t want that, even if Fortnite is offered on the Play Store.

Epic Games is said to have asked Google to record the game. However, this actually requires the use of Google’s payment methods, for which approximately 30% of an in-game purchase goes to Google as commission. According to 9to5Google, Epic Games wants to continue using its own system. It was questionable whether Google would allow it. Other developers will also request a comparable exception.

Google clearly rejects this

Shortly after the report there was a statement from Google. All developers are treated the same, so Fortnite is no exception. “We welcome any developer who understands the value of Google Play and hopes it is among the same conditions as other developers participates “.

So Google does not give, although Fortnite is a true wonder. Will Epic Games give in to take advantage of the reach of the Google Play Store?