Fortnite streamers: these are the luxury villas that owe you

Fortnite streamers: these are the luxury villas that owe you

We all know that some streamers make huge amounts of money with Fortnite. The group of one percent now shows us on YouTube what proportions the income can take. Don’t miss this view!

Languages:German english

Launching:Jul 25, 2017

Platforms:Windows PC, Xbox One, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Fortnite streamers show off their luxury mansion

Originally, Randumb, Nicks, Kiwiz, Formula, Razz, and Aeolus were part of Luminosity Gaming, but later they formed their own organization called One Percent. The guys obviously made a lot of money with the help of Fortnite and its viewers. and enjoyed a multi-million dollar mansion in the United States. In a YouTube video, they show viewers their property.

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Thanks to Fortnite, streamers become owners of a multi-million dollar mansion

After it is indicated that everything has been bought with the money that they have earned, the tour begins on the esplanade, where several luxury sports cars are parked. After much self promotion we continued towards the villa with numerous very extravagant features and many rooms.

Each of the players has their own bedroom with their own bathroom, as well as a games room and a kind of hallway that offers space for numerous trophies. Fortnite fans are now excited to see what content they can expect from the One Percent in the future.

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