Fraenk: pronto podrás llevar tu número de teléfono contigo

Fraenk: New smartphone rates through the app with VoLTE and Wi-Fi calls on the Telekom network

Fraenk: you will soon be able to take your phone number with you

A new Congstar tariff should shine with Telekom LTE and the low costs, ordering and administration are done through the partner Android app.

All digital, which is why the new mobile operator Fraenk is announced. It is a new tariff for smartphones that customers request using the associated application and then manage. This rate is implemented through Congstar, at first there will probably only be a single rate with a 4GB data volume available. You can pay your costs through PayPal, the SIM card should be in your mailbox two days after placing the order.

Fraenk wants to be the most attractive Telekom rate

There are still restrictions at the beginning. For example, customers cannot bring their phone number to Fraenk. Roaming, Voice over LTE and WiFi calls are already included. Fraenk’s base is the Telekom network with access to the expansion of the LTE network at a maximum of 25 Mbit / s, in addition to a flat rate for the entire network for telephony and SMS. The prepaid rate can be canceled monthly.

A 2GB package can be reserved for € 5 at any time after the included data volume has been used up. Ten times a month, based on frequently asked questions. Which is also necessary, because there is no limited internet. After 4 GB it’s completely over and the Internet is only possible via WLAN.

  • 10 euros per month
  • Telecommunications network
  • WiFi calls, VoLTE, EU roaming
  • 4 GB data, LTE 25
  • monthly cancellable, payable through PayPal
  • Allnet flat rate for phone and SMS
  • Special numbers, premium SMS and MMS cannot be used
  • It is not possible to make calls and SMS abroad

One could criticize the initially missing offering of an eSIM, because the offering does not deliver on the promise of “everything digital.” But there are currently very few eSIM-capable smartphones.

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