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fraenk: Telekom surprises with a new LTE discount provider

For Telekom, the new “fraenk” offering is intended to be the brand that appeals to “price-conscious and digital-savvy mobile customers”. For 10 euros per month, customers receive a rate that initially covers the basic right of each customer: There is a flat rate for voice and SMS for all German networks. 4 GB of data volume can be used per month on LTE network. The data transfer is reduced to 25 Mbit / s, which is not a relevant disadvantage when using a smartphone.

Like the freenet Funk role model, you can reserve fraenk exclusively through the specially provided app. You can pay via PayPal, the SIM card will be sent by mail. There is no one-time provisioning fee. fraenk can be canceled monthly.

No selection of rates, no options, no additional costs

No fee selection: fraenk only has one fee. There are also no pricing options or smartphones. And: You cannot use special toll numbers or premium SMS. This also applies to calls and SMS from Germany to other countries. Roaming is included within the EU. In other words: your monthly expenses cannot accidentally exceed 10 euros.

If the data volume of 4 GB per month runs out, browsing is initially only possible on the WLAN. There is no throttling at 32 or 64 kBit / s as with other rates, the cellular connection is off for data. For a one-time fee of 5 euros, you can reserve 2 GB of data volume, up to ten times a month. Unused additional data volume expires after 31 days.

EU roaming included

Fraenk has a decisive advantage over freenet Funk, even if it is not being used due to the Corona crisis: it can be used by roaming within the EU. This means that you can also use the tariff in Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Gibraltar, Portugal, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

You can also take your old phone number with you fraenk. And: If you like your fraenk number and want to switch to another provider, this process is free according to the price list. Recently the costs for this can only amount to a maximum of 6.82 EUR. By the way, fraenk is implemented by Telekom subsidiary congstar.

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