Libro de cocina gratuito para descargar: Dulces de Austria #einerkochtimmer

Free downloadable cookbook: Austrian sweets #einerkochtimmer

Free downloadable cookbook: Austrian sweets #einerkochtimmer

Austrian sweets - Ebook One-step room One always cooks

Austrians are known for our desserts: Whether in curd or quark casserole or poppy seed noodles, whether Kaiserschmarrn or apricot dumplings – we really have it with the cakes!

A little anecdote about it: My mother was on vacation in Spain and she met him there at the Prado Museum in Madrid. President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Really? Yes! I’m still jealous of that today. And it was like this:

As my mother stared in amazement at a photo of Albrecht Dürer, a whole team of bodyguards suddenly entered the room, all surrounded by Bill Clinton. And my mother, not in her mouth either, looked at him and …

My mother: “Good morning Mr. President!” Bill Clinton: “Good morning ma’am! Where are you from? “My mother:” Austria, Mr. President! “Bill Clinton:” Okay, Austria? I love your music and your pastries. You have a good day!”

In other words: if even the president of the United States likes Austrian pastries, surely you will love them too.

Austrian sweets - Ebook One-step room One always cooks

Some recipes are of us, other of you and some from our dear fellow bloggers (Chez_SimoneMarie, Bee and Kerstonia). By the way: The “Someone always screams” You can find mugs HERE.

  • apricot dumplings
  • Kaiserschmarrn
  • Apple and walnut cake
  • Simple curd casserole
  • Walnut noodles
  • Apple wheels
  • Buchteln
  • Semolina casserole
  • Blueberry yogurt stain
  • Curd bake with cherries
  • Powidl breadcrumbs with cinnamon butter
  • Apricot Curd Crumble Cake
  • Blueberry Curd Thaler
  • pyre
  • curd noodles
  • White chocolate cake
  • Sweet Rice Casserole
  • Crumbled sheet cake
  • Sweet wasp nests
  • Juicy slices of currant
  • Powidl tascherl
  • Yeast braid
Austrian sweets - Ebook One-step room One always cooksDownload: click on the picture

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We hope you enjoy cooking, baking, and of course eating. enjoy the food!

BY THE WAY: We’d be happy if you showcase your Austrian pastries cooked with the hashtag #einerkochtimmer and tag us!

Thank you

Thanks at this point to Schärdinger, BWT, Playbrush, Wiener Zucker and SOS Kinderdorf who supported us in the implementation. Thanks also to Verena, who designed the eBook so lovingly, to our fellow bloggers, and of course to you for your recipes.

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