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Free European Song Contest with Stefan Raab: Wadde hadde dudde da?

Stefan Raab? You’re right if you think about the end of his television career five years ago. But the former moderator tricks the ARD and goes back to the screen especially for the ESC.

As Raab advertises, he wants to organize his own song contest together with ProSieben. It will be run under the title “Free European Song Contest” and will be reorganized. There is also a corresponding hashtag under which viewers can cheer online: #FreeESC.

#FreeESC: broadcast in May

The regular ESC should be broadcast live from Rotterdam in May 2020. Raab also wants to broadcast the new singing contest in May, specifically on May 16 at 20:15. According to a message from ProSieben, the idea for the “Free ESC” came from the disappointment of viewers and fans following the official cancellation of the ESC.

“Music connects a lot of people, especially in difficult times. This is the birth time of a new free European song contest. That is the birth time of the ‘Free European Song Contest’ ”, explains Raab.

It is not yet clear how the program should work. So it is still open if Stefan Raab will be in front of the camera. It is also unknown if artists who would have competed at the ESC also receive attention in the Raab format. As emphasized, all legal requirements must be met when filming the show.

Stefan Raab, the pioneer of musical entertainment

Before leaving five years ago, Stefan Raab was not only active as a presenter, but also as a music producer. Especially in the late 1990s, Raab became popular with songs like “Ö La Palöma Blanca”, “Wadde hadde dudde da?” Or “Mesh-Wire-Fence”. He also participated in ESC in 2000, before discovering Lena Meyer-Landruth on his casting show “Our Star for Oslo” as a talent for ESC 2010, and with her and the title “Satellite” he sensationally brought the title to Germany. . .

Additionally, Raab has served several times as a producer and juror on other casting shows, such as “Our Song for Germany” and “Our Star for Baku.” It is not known if Raab’s return to television will also mean a general return as a moderator. It was recently speculated if Raab could be under the mask of the sloth on “The Masked Singer.”