Google Home Mini

Free Google Home Mini: Google is giving away smart speakers

Google Home Mini

Google is known to make free Home Minis available to select users from time to time. Especially when the launch of a new model is approaching. Most recently, the company gave away free mini smart home speakers to all Google One users over the summer. Later, all YouTube Premium users were happy too. Now Google is expanding the test group again. In the Google Assistant app, selected users receive a message that a free Google Home Mini is waiting for them. The message appears directly in the wizard flow.

New in the campaign: For the first time, Google makes its smart speaker available to users who do not have a Google subscription for free. So far, only YouTube Premium and Google One users have had the privilege. The only thing that the chosen ones have to pay is the shipping. Otherwise, there does not appear to be any condition.

The bottom

It should be clear to everyone that these giveaways from Google are not charity. The offer is likely already online, with Google’s annual hardware event taking place in a few days. A revised Home Mini is expected to be unveiled under the Nest brand. Before the new smart speaker model hits the market, Google is likely to want to ditch a lot of home minis.

On the other hand, it seems that the Google Home Mini was over-produced. At least that’s what it sounds like, as there have been numerous discount and gift promotions in the past. Other users who speak to the assistant also help Google to further develop and improve the language software.

Gift campaign also in Germany?

The specific requirements and conditions for this promotion are currently unknown. Therefore, it is not yet possible to say whether there will be such an action in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, the probability is high, as the last two seasons were in Germany. Therefore, it is very likely that we can assume that this gift campaign is also starting or has already started in Germany. Are you one of the lucky ones to get a Google Home Mini? Better to search for it directly in your app.