freenet Produktmanager Felix Bommer

Freenet Funk Product Manager Reveals: That’s Why The Fee Is So Cheap

freenet Produktmanager Felix Bommer

inside the mobile phone: Mr. Bommer, you are a senior product manager at freenet AG and are responsible for Freenet FUNK. The fee caused a sensation the first day. What makes it so special?

Felix Bommer: Regardless of what many people think they have been doing all along, we have now given it substance with Freenet Funk. We break all the rules. For us this means no deadline, no service fees, only SIM, daily data volume, existing customers are treated the same as new customers and cancellation is done through the app. Much of this has been heard many times in recent years, but we have really come to realize it now. During development, we choose adjectives as the test bed and repeatedly check if it still fits. For example, they were fair, individual, transparent, and flexible.

inside the mobile phone: Freenet Funk can only be reached via WhatsApp and otherwise does not offer any customer service. Why in this way?

Felix Bommer: Our target group wants simple communication and their most used channel is WhatsApp. We also look at why customers call the hotline. We explain many questions in the app and in the FAQ. And don’t forget: the client can be fully self-managed through the app. You also don’t have to talk to a hotline employee about a rate and date change – one click on the app and the rate change takes effect at midnight. You don’t even have to make a phone call to cancel. The customer can leave us again using the control panel if they wish.

inside the mobile phone: The customer loads an application, places orders via smartphone and does not have to sign anything. But then you have to wait for the SIM card. It’s a media break. Wouldn’t it have been even more elegant with an eSIM, at least for customers with such devices?

Felix Bommer: Yes, it would be. In fact, we are a bit ahead of the product because it is aimed at the eSIM. In our opinion, there are currently too few devices to rely on eSIM. So now let’s start with the classic SIM card. But we do offer free same day delivery to customers in many major cities if they place their order before 4 pm All other customers have the SIM card in their mailbox the next day if they order on time. Once the eSIM has reached some relevance, we can activate a client with freenet Funk in less than five minutes after it has downloaded the application for the first time.

inside the mobile phone: Offering a full flat rate at less than 30 euros a month is a price tag, especially if it can be canceled on a daily basis. How is that possible?

Felix Bommer: We did a little more than a new rate. We have our own platform. The AppStore is our only sales platform. This means that all the usual costs of selling a product are eliminated at freenet Funk.

inside the mobile phone: Why is the payment only made through PayPal?

Felix Bommer: It makes it easy for us to treat all customers equally. We talked to PayPal for a long time about this because this form of micropayment is also new to PayPal. By the way: as there are no additional costs, freenet Funk would also be a good rate for children and young people.

inside the mobile phone: For many customers, the biggest criticism of the rate is the lack of roaming.

Felix Bommer: First of all, we now have a great new product that we will continue to work on in the future.

inside the mobile phone: Who is the main target group for freenet Funk?

Felix Bommer: Of course, these tend to be those that need a lot of data volume, for example for Twitch or Instagram or similar. These are the youngest customers. We assume that they are in their twenties and live mainly in the big city. But that’s just our direction for the moment, also through various influencers we work with.

inside the mobile phone: Mr. Bommer, thank you very much for the interview.