Nuevos descubrimientos de YouTube: recordatorio de la hora de dormir y videos cortos a la TikTok

From YouTube back to the curb

New YouTube Discoveries: Bedtime Reminder and Short Videos to TikTok

Bushido suffers the next setback in court, YouTube videos from an indexed album disappear from Google’s video platform.

Bushido has been in the press almost continuously for many years. Sometimes more and sometimes less, but his face can always be seen somewhere. Disputes run like a red thread throughout his life, about how damaging a part of his music really is. Very dangerous for young people, say the media. In the latest dispute over his album Sonny Black, the controversial rapper suffers the following setback.

YouTube rules out Bushido

Google’s video platform had to act, more than 300 videos have disappeared from YouTube for German users. These videos have processed entire pieces or parts of songs that can be found in Sonny Black’s indexed album. The free sale of the album to children and young people is not allowed, nor are parts of it freely available on the Internet.

The album was indexed ready in 2015, which was confirmed by the Federal Administrative Court in 2019. Bushido will soon be back with CCN4. Extremely harsh texts on this can also be expected. Meanwhile, former peers are making the charts unsafe, especially Capital Bra dominates Spotify and YouTube.