El nuevo sistema operativo de Google continúa: Fuchsia ahora puede usar Bluetooth

Fuchsia About To Be Released: Google Is Testing Its New Comprehensive Operating System In Everyday Life

Google's new operating system continues: Fuchsia can now use Bluetooth

Fuchsia just a few months from launch? A major internal test could mean that Google’s operating system is due out soon.

Before the software goes public, it is tested internally with many employees. This is often called “dog food.” Google has now started such an internal test for the new Fuchsia operating system. This is not an assumption, but it does show various changes to the freely available source code of the operating system. As already mentioned in the introduction, this dog food testing phase doesn’t just mean that many more Google employees on the project have access to the software. It also means getting closer to the finish line. Fuchsia could be launched soon.

Fuchsia: Just a few more months until launch?

Google’s new operating system is a true all-rounder. Fuchsia, which has been completely revamped, can be the basis for many things, be it smart speakers, smartphones or laptops. There are several indications that Google is testing Fuchsia in display smart home speakers. It could also be used primarily for this later on. Fuchsia has a completely new foundation, from there it can be built in a modular way. Therefore, it is much more flexible than an Android that is being launched in years due to its basic structure.

9to5Google concludes: “Per Google’s regular development and release process, internal testing should be the final testing phase before it reaches the public. If this latest internal test goes well, Google may well make Fuchsia available to developers sooner rather than later. “