Diversión en el deporte

Fun in sports

Fun in sports

Exercise is a happiness drug

Studies have shown that sport makes you happy and keeps everyone healthy. That is why it is important to keep moving forward. Exercise should be fun and not essential to lose weight. Many go jogging, swimming or playing Sport Team. But is it the right sport for you and does it match your personality? You’re a Lone fighter, you will hardly enjoy playing volleyball or handball because you have to depend on other players. So you will be frustrated after a short time if someone else doesn’t hit the ball properly. Boredom arises and the fun fades.

The right sport does many important Hormones of happiness, called endorphins, in the body. These are released primarily during exercise and stress. Endorphins regulate a person’s emotional sensations, that is, pain, happiness or hunger. They also put you in a good mood, relieve pain, increase concentration and performance, as well as yours. Self-confidence. In addition to endorphins, other important messenger substances such as serotonin and dopamine are released. Aggression can also be reduced well with exercise, so you can have a good workout.

What sport should I do?