Google Play Store pronto instalará aplicaciones prerregistradas automáticamente

FX file manager flew out of the Google Play Store and no one understands why

Google is releasing another popular Android app from the Play Store, but the reason seems questionable.

Google acted again immediately, a well-known file manager that had been established for years was released from the Google Play Store. FX File Explorer has now hit it because it was working with “annoying ads”. The developer reported on the XDA forum with incomprehension and posted screenshots of his case. In fact, Google’s action is barely understandable again.

Advertising that is not really

There is no such advertisement in the FX file manager. The reason it was dropped is a built-in feature that can be used to change the design of the application. Only there did the developer advertise a design, with free download links from the Play Store. Google probably sees this as advertising, but there is no advertising tag for it. Hence the consequence described, the expulsion from the Play Store.

Again, Google is primarily criticized for failing to warn the developer. Now he has reacted, but the return to the Play Store has not yet been approved. It could also be argued whether this is really advertising. But you have to follow Google’s rules of the game, which are sometimes strict.