Galaxy Note 20, iPhone 9 y Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: así es como podrían verse los teléfonos inteligentes

Galaxy Note 20, iPhone 9 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: this is what smartphones could look like

Galaxy Note 20, iPhone 9 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: this is what smartphones could look like

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Recently, Samsung introduced its Galaxy S20 range. The smartphones will be available in stores from March 13. The next top smartphone of the Koreans is already in development. Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 20 in August.

So far nothing is known about the device. However, designers are still concerned about what the next flagship model will look like. One of these designers is Waqar Khan. Together with WindowsUnited magazine he created a concept for the Galaxy Note 20 and presents it in the following video:

Interesting: Khan assumes that Samsung will stick to the design of the new flagship series name and that the Note 20 will come after the Galaxy Note 10. However, there should be three models again: Galaxy Note 20, Note 20+ and Note 20 Ultra.

Apple iPhone 9

South Korean designer Semin Jun offers an equally impressive and spectacular concept. He made his way with the iPhone 9 and brought it to life. It combines a completely new design with typical Apple simplicity. The result is a lightweight-looking iPhone that impresses with its plastic casing and colors. Watching the following video, even Apple boss Tim Cook should go into ecstasy.

Whether Apple is even working on an iPhone 9 is questionable. The device has been a part of countless speculation for years and replaced the iPhone SE2 in the rumor mill as the successor to the once very popular iPhone SE.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

What will the smartphone be like in the future? Currently, many manufacturers are trying to give an answer to this. While Huawei and Samsung rely on foldable smartphones, Vivo doesn’t seem to share this vision. With the Vivo APEX, the OnePlus sister recently showed off a smartphone concept with a normal form factor.

Xiaomi is an expert in all trades and is always working on innovations. It’s not just about the inner values ​​of a smartphone. Above all, the design is focused on Xiaomi. That became clear when the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha was introduced. The following concept of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 also falls accordingly. Shows a device whose screen is folded back around the edges.

This is how the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could look.

Source: 91mobiles

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 concept

Source: 91mobiles

The concept display of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 extends beyond the edges towards the back.

Source: 91mobiles

Design concept of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Source: 91mobiles

A concept that shows the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

Source: 91mobiles

The Mi Mix 4 looks futuristic. But whether it would be suitable for everyday use is another question. However, this is true for most concepts. Daydreams are allowed and even encouraged. And that science fiction does not harm the development of new technologies, but also supports it, has been proven time and again in the past.