Galaxy S20 más barato en 150 euros: el celular Samsung se vende para el Día del Soltero

Galaxy S20 cheaper at 150 euros: the Samsung cell phone is sold for Singles Day


Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is more than 150 euros cheaper on Singles Day. We will show you the best deals for the S20, S20 FE, S20 + and S20 Ultra models.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is up to 150 euros cheaper on Singles Day.The Samsung Galaxy S20 is up to 150 euros cheaper on Singles Day. (Source: netzwelt)

On Singles’ Day, numerous retailers attract deep discounts on cell phones and company. So you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 sometimes 150 euros cheaper. You probably won’t save more on Black Friday either.

The following variants of the Samsung cell phone are offered on Singles’ Day:

Still undecided if the Galaxy S20, S20 +, S20 FE or S20 Ultra is the right model for you? Our comparison explains the differences between the individual Galaxy S20 models.

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