Samsung: el control por gestos se puede utilizar con otras aplicaciones de la pantalla de inicio

Galaxy: Samsung guarantees updates for 3 new generations of Android and surprises everyone with it

Samsung: gesture control can be used with other apps on the home screen

Samsung surprised everyone at its Unpacked event with an upgrade guarantee for its pricier devices that appears to be better than any other.

At first the joy was great, then it was strongly muffled for a short time. Samsung has announced a longer update warranty for its Android devices. But mainly only in the event in the live broadcast, in the press releases I could not find any relevant information about the march. Regardless, the way Samsung spoke on this promise is particularly important, briefly causing confusion. In subsequent statements, the manufacturer quickly clarified.

Samsung surprises with an update guarantee that sounded strange at first

First to one of the very positive points that we want to credit Samsung. Samsung is not talking about an update guarantee for a certain period of time, but about the number of generations. Because the date for a new Android can move from year to year, Samsung’s plan makes the most sense. The date a new Android is released no longer influences this warranty.

At first, however, there was room for interpretation because the manufacturer was very unclear and misleading in the graphics shown. Then there was wild speculation, because the wording used by Samsung was actually very poorly chosen. Among other things, there was talk of “up to” three updates. That would guarantee a maximum number, but not a minimum. The shit storm was pre-programmed.

3 generations of Android by update

In hindsight, a Samsung spokesperson is said to have revealed to the Androida authority that the manufacturer guarantees an update for all flagship Galaxy S10 smartphones. at least three newer generations of Android delivery. What is understood are the Note and S series, from the current point of view, the Galaxy S10, S20, Note 10 and Note 20.

So the Galaxy S10 series smartphones (Spring 2019) still get Android 11 and 12, the Note 20 (Summer 2020), however you still get Android 11, 12 and 13.