Nuevo para Chrome: acceso directo de incógnito, finalización diferida para aplicaciones de Chrome y píldoras de búsqueda de tendencias

Game of the day: new recommendation directly in the Chrome browser on Android

New for Chrome: Incognito shortcut, deferred completion for Chrome apps, and trending search pills

Google may now also know a suitable game for us every day, at least the Chrome mobile browser is starting to recommend small browser games.

Google has been recommending some cool articles from the internet directly in the Chrome browser for a long time. Exactly these recommendations should now be extended to an interesting category, in any case there is a first test run and therefore the first screenshots. As early adopters are now reporting, Chrome for Android recommends a game of the day. So far there are no big blockbusters from Google Play Store, but at least one different title every day.

Chrome browser recommends games that can be played in the browser

At the moment, Google is limited to games in its own web search or browser games. These include Tic Tac Toe, Minesweeper, and Ghost Rush. You could later imagine that games from the Google Play Store will be displayed there too. It would be interesting to know how Google determines the interest of users. I don’t need any game recommendations myself, other users may play a lot more and are happy with these tips. A screenshot from Android Police shows what the recommendations look like:

Recommendations of this type always appear when you open a new tab. The same articles are also displayed when you open the Google app. Nothing is known about when and if the game recommendations are available to all users and what Google is planning in detail with them.