"Game of Thrones": Después de la temporada 8, Emilia Clarke solo lamenta una cosa

"game of Thrones": After season 8, Emilia Clarke only regrets one thing

"game of Thrones": After season 8, Emilia Clarke only regrets one thing

Emilia Clarke regrets how her character developed in season eight and how many fans received the Daenerys transformation? No, because the actress obviously agrees with the ending of “Game Of Thrones.” However, he regrets something else …


Even the seventh season of “Game Of Thrones” was not as well received by many fans as the previous seasons, but compared to the extremely controversial eighth season, the excitement for the seventh season was still quite harmless. Much of the discussion was about Daenerys Targaryen, the character of Emilia Clarke. And Clarke herself struggled with the unexpected change in her character, but eventually found a way to come to terms with the fate of Daenerys, with whom she says she identifies strongly.

So if there’s one thing Clarke regrets after season eight of “Game of Thrones,” obviously it’s not that her character has become a mass murderer and Crazy queen has become, but much more trivial. This was said by the British actress in an interview with her American colleague Regina Hall as part of the Variety-Formats Actors upon actors.

No memory for Emilia Clarke

In the 30-minute conversation, Hall asked, among other things, how Clarke felt after the end of “Game Of Thrones,” now that she had to leave this world and its dragons behind, and if he took something from the set. Clarke’s response (of course not quite serious): “I did not take anything and I am deeply sorry. I am totally mad about it. And I very much hope that the showrunners [David Benioff und D.B. Weiss] give away a kite.

It is particularly annoying that she was the only one who adhered to the rule of not snatching any props or anything like that, while all the other actors naturally took a souvenir from the set.

Deep hole after the final

In addition, Clarke explained once again how difficult it was for her and all the other members of the great family of “Game Of Thrones”, who had grown together for more than ten years, to say goodbye to the hit HBO series. “When it came to an end, the true frailty of all was seen for the first time.Clarke said. The cast and crew members involved pretended that everything was fine, but when “Game Of Thrones” ended, it hit everyone hard.

At least there’s a ray of hope for fans and actors alike: Three “Game Of Thrones” spin-offs are currently in the works. You can find everything you need to know about it here:

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