"Game of Thrones": Sophie Turner defiende polémica escena de Sansa

"game of Thrones": Sophie Turner defends controversial Sansa scene

"game of Thrones": Sophie Turner defends controversial Sansa scene

“Game Of Thrones” has ended, but the debates about the eighth and final season continue. Sophie Turner has also been approached several times since the grand finale about a certain scene from the fourth episode and defends it from critics.


The eighth season of “Game Of Thrones” is highly controversial among fans of the series, but a controversial scene has moved a bit to the background in the entire debate about Daenerys’ character development and the grand finale. Namely, the one in which Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Sandor “The Hound” Clegane (Rory McCann) meet for the first time in a long time:

Why The fact that Sansa apparently claims that the (sexual) violence inflicted on her made her the strong and consummate leader that she was in the eighth season of “Game of Thrones,” sparked some negative reactions on the internet.. Most prominently, Jessica Chastain criticized the scene with a post on Twitter in which she wrote, for example, that rape is not a tool to strengthen a figure:

Even if this scene appeared in the fourth episode of the final season, Sophie Turner still came close after the end of “Game Of Thrones.” And the Sansa actress defended the scene so much against him New York Times as well as opposite The envelope. In an interview with the NYT He explained, for example, that Sansa had become so strong not because of the terrible things she had experienced but in spite of them.. “It has been resilient from the beginning, and despite all the terrible things that have happened to it, it has remained resilient.

In front of The envelope Turner reiterated his remarks, but also went into more detail: It was wonderful to see a figure who had survived rape grow up and become a politician. “But no, rape is not a tool at all [engl. plot device]to make the figure appear stronger. The abuse made her resilient, but by no means did it make her the wonderful figure we see today. It completely destroyed them and we saw it on screen too.

From June 6, 2019, Sophie Turner can be seen again as the powerful telepath Jean Gray in “X-Men: Dark Phoenix.” You can find out what other projects he has in the pipeline and in which movies and series we will soon see his “Game Of Thrones” co-stars here:

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