"Game of Thrones": Es por eso que una estrella de la temporada 8 ni siquiera ha visto el final.

"game of Thrones": That’s why a season 8 star hasn’t even seen the end.

"game of Thrones": That's why a season 8 star hasn't even seen the end.

It seems like half the world has seen the eighth and final season of “Game Of Thrones,” but Yara’s actress, Gemma Whelan, is not one of them. And the reason for this is a bit strange for today’s time …


Yara Greyjoy sat as ruler of the Iron Islands in the latest episode of “Game of Thrones” at the Council of the Lords of Westeros to decide on the future of the country. Of course, actress Gemma Whelan knows how the story ends – she was present at the script reading and filming. But she has yet to see the end result itself, as she recently appeared on the show. Sunday brunch (via Yahoo!) explained.

The actress said she was unable to watch season eight for a rather unusual reason in our time: she just wouldn’t have had the internet at home. Television apparently does, because Whelan said that she had watched at least the last part of episode six when she got home on the air day of the last episode and her husband was watching it on TV.

No “GoT” for Whelan without Internet

Of course, the episodes would have been available online after their television premiere, but Whelan did not have access to the Internet to use this option. That reminds us of all the gloomy times of linear television, when we were unlucky when we missed a TV show due to lack of time …

One reason Whelan doesn’t have that much time right now could be his little daughter, who was born in late 2017 and was always by her mother’s side while filming season eight. In 2018, Whelan posted a photo of herself as “Yara” breastfeeding during a break from filming:

We have a small consolation for those who already have the withdrawal symptoms of “Game of Thrones” and miss the usual meeting with their favorite actors. On the one hand, the prequel to “Game of Thrones”, “The Long Night” is being prepared, which will at least take us back to Westeros, although thousands of years before the plot of the mother series. And sooner or later, the stars of “GoT” will appear again on the big or small screen. We have summarized for you what the stars will do below:

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