"Game of Thrones": Así reaccionó el actor de Jon, Kit Harington, sorprendido por el destino de Daenerys en la final.

"game of Thrones": This is how Jon’s actor Kit Harington reacted, surprised by the fate of Daenerys in the final.

"game of Thrones": This is how Jon's actor, Kit Harington, reacted, surprised by the fate of Daenerys in the final.

Many fans may have been surprised by the fate of Daenerys Targaryen in the grand finale of “Game of Thrones”, but they are not the only ones: Jon Snow actor Kit Harington also reacted absolutely stunned when he learned of her death …


One last time ‘Game of Thrones’We wrote in advance about the documentary “The Last Watch,” which director Jeanie Finlay produced about the filming of the eighth season of “Game Of Thrones.” And even if “The Last Watch” is still too superficial to drag us along, as does the series: at least one moment seems to touch many fans on social media and perhaps even reconcile some with the controversial eighth season: the reaction of Kit Harington on Daenerys’ death in the grand script reading round.

Images and recordings of this scene from “The Last Watch” can be found in countless social media posts, such as a Twitter post from @carohuntz:

Harington had previously revealed that he hadn’t read any of the season eight scripts beforehand (unlike his colleagues)because I wanted to experience emotions in the big reading circle for the first time. And the difference it makes can be seen very well in the Harington and Daenerys actress, Emilia Clarke: Harington himself is completely shocked and can’t hold back a few tears.while “Game Of Thrones” producer and screenwriter Bryan Cogman reads the scenario instructions that describe Daenerys’ death.

Clarke, on the other hand, who had to intensively prepare for the shocking change in her character, had obviously read the scripts beforehand and tried to cheer up her co-star with some grimaces and faxes., while Sansa actress Sophie Turner smiles at Harington’s reaction. After all, in the end everyone (including Harington) joins in the applause and Clarke has to wipe away some tears too, like the post from @Emilia_Updates shows, regardless of whether this is due to his character’s fate or Harington’s reaction:

Here you can find out why “The Last Watch” didn’t quite convince us despite scenes like these:

“Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch”: Is The Documentary About Season 8 Worth It?

However, if you’re curious about the excerpts above and want to see “The Last Watch,” you can currently do so via Sky Ticket, Sky Go, and Sky Q, where documentation is available for download. On June 9, 2019 at 8:15 pm there will also be a rerun of the regular Sky Atlantic show.