"Game of Thrones": Esas muertes sorprendentes en el episodio 4 de la temporada 8 sacuden a los fanáticos.

"game of Thrones": Those surprising deaths in episode 4 of season 8 shake up fans.

"game of Thrones": Those surprising deaths in episode 4 of season 8 shake up fans.

The eighth season of “Game Of Thrones” is coming to an end. Compared to the Battle of Winterfell, the fourth episode of the eighth season was a little quieter, but it was still a lot. We summarize the reactions of the fans.


Watch out, follow it revelation for the fourth episode of the eighth season of “Game Of Thrones.”

6, 5, 4, 3, 2: the “Game of Thrones” countdown counts non-stop towards the end. After the fourth episode of the eighth season, there are actually only two more episodes left before what is probably the greatest series of all time ends. Also in “The Last Of The Starks”, the title of episode 8.4, there were some dramatic events, although this time the Battle of Winterfell was not fought and the Night King was not killed.

Especially the two fatalities from the last episode made fans on Twitter create: Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Rhaegal. But also the brief love story of Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) and Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and the landing of Tormund (Kristofer Hivju), as well as the blatant dealings with the direwolf Ghost delighted, angered and excited fans.


In addition to many character moments and a straightforward approach to the ending, another common thread runs throughout Season 8: Our heroes regularly get into trouble due to poor planning and reckless behavior. Missandei and Rhaegal were also victims of an ill-conceived plan: Daenerys’s (Emilia Clarke) fleet is fired by Eurons (Pilou Asbaek) warships equipped with scorpions (i.e. giant crossbow-like launching machines) and Rhaegal also has nothing to oppose the steel bolts of a meter long and falls dead into the sea.

In Missandei, many fans still mourn the loss of a beloved figure:

However, Missandei still had a chance for one last word: “Dracarys.” Using the Valyrian word for fire, he asks Daenerys to avenge his death with dragon fire, and many fans are sure that he will do just that:

too that Daenerys could become the Mad Queen by killing the innocent citizens of King’s Landing (Similar to her father, Mad King Aerys II.), many fans no longer seem so left out, with many even crossing their fingers for her after Missandei’s death:


Reactions to Rhaegal’s death show once again that animals are often the favorite secret characters of fans and that his death is even more serious. The fact that Daenerys loses the second of her three dragons, and not even in a battle, but through sheer careless planning, was also very surprising! In the case of the green dragon, there is a colorful mix of sadness, anger, and hatred in the audience’s reactions. (optionally in Daenerys, Euron or the authors of “Game Of Thrones”):


Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington) handling of Ghost evokes similar emotional reactions to Rhaegal’s death. Jon decides to send his trusty direwolf north with Tormund as he travels to King’s Landing, and he doesn’t even say goodbye to Ghost properly. It’s really no wonder fans on Twitter find this bitter:

@ChrisInTheSix now wishes Ghost to travel after his former master to get revenge in the season finale for the unfair treatment:

And @davelozo thinks Jon is as bad as Cersei (Lena Headey):

Jaime and Brienne

But not everything is anger and sadness many fans are also happy that Brienne and Jaime have finally met – even if Jaime acts rather trampling like a seducer and the luck of the two does not last long because Jaime is going to King’s Landing to be with Cersei:

Tormund and Brienne

For Tormund, who had also fallen in love with Brienne, but now failed to achieve anything, there is also the mandatory part of ironic memes. lots of condolences and virtual pats on the back:

We will find out in the last two episodes of “Game of Thrones” if Daenerys really burns King’s Landing, what happens to Brienne and Jaime and if Ghost bites Jon’s ass. The fifth episode of the eighth season will be available in Germany from the early hours of May 13, 2019.

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