El juego sigue siendo asequible, se planea una nueva Xbox económica

Game Still Affordable, New Budget Xbox Planned

Game Still Affordable, New Budget Xbox Planned

Microsoft is planning another Xbox for next year, which will be significantly cheaper than the new flagship.

Microsoft is developing more than just a high-end Xbox for next year, these plans are now known to The Verge for the first time. There is a second Xbox project for next year, which is about developing a cheaper model. Of course, this also means less performance. Probably a successor to the Xbox One S, which was previously something between the old One and the new One X.

The second Xbox model should offer a lower price

Restrictions include a throttled CPU and the maximum resolution should be limited to 1440p. So it is a corner more than Full HD but not as good as 4K. Microsoft wants to offer a fundamentally similar foundation on the two new Xbox models to make life easier for game developers. To what extent prices will differ and what differences will continue to exist, nothing is known to date.

Game console makers waver between high-end demands and low prices. There is new competition from Google and Co., attracting “simple” gamers with their streaming services and making corresponding hardware obsolete. We are excited to see how the gaming market will develop in this regard.