Garmin MARQ Commander: ¿Smartwatch por 2.000 euros?

Garmin MARQ Commander: Smartwatch for 2,000 euros?

For the price, it should be clear that the digital daily companion equipment is luxurious. More extensive than many other smart watches. For example, a built-in 3-axis compass, gyroscope, and barometric altimeter can be used. Also on board: heart rate measurement and PulseOX sensor, as well as a dual coordinate system (MGRS and latitude / longitude).

Garmin MARQ Commander: everything included!

The Garmin MARQ Commander’s always-on display (240 x 240 pixels) is equipped with a built-in night mode. In the so-called stealth mode, the watch records all activities without any location information. And an automatic logoff feature allows you to delete all user data at once. Just press a button. Especially the secret service employees will be happy with this on a delicate mission. And skydivers can look forward to a Jumpmaster profile to help them navigate to the planned landing point.

Premium multisport smartwatch features including multiple sport profiles, topographic map display, Garmin Pay, and a connection to various streaming services, as well as an onboard music memory for up to 2000 tracks, complete the range of the high-end smartwatch spectrum.

Especially light housing

But does that justify the high price? Not really. But if you look at what materials the Garmin MARQ Commander is made of, you get a little closer to the puzzle. There, the domed sapphire crystal is combined with an extra-light matte titanium case to protect the color display. That can certainly be described as special.

In terms of battery life, Garmin promises up to twelve days of use in smartwatch mode. If GPS tracking is activated, for example in sports mode, up to 28 hours of use are possible. And in Ultra-Trac mode, up to 48 hours of runtime is possible. Here, reference points and sensor data are used less frequently – once per minute. In GPS mode with music playback, the battery life is reduced to nine hours.

The 94 gram Garmin MARQ Commander is now available. As we mentioned at the beginning, the price is 1,950 euros. The bottom line is that it is intended less for individuals, but for elite fighters or people on other intelligence missions. Greetings from James Bond.