Gboard: lente en lugar de búsqueda, nueva fuente y autom.  Modo oscuro

Gboard: a small change to the Google keyboard created a lot of bad mood

Gboard: lens instead of search, new source and autom.  Dark mode

There have been several changes to Gboard in recent days, not all positive. The space bar brand was less popular.

In the last few days, Google had changed a bit on Gboard for Android, but a change that was finally introduced only for a short time was reverted extremely quickly. Google introduced its own brand for the space bar, which first landed on devices at Easter. This quickly created a lot of bad mood among affected users. Google reacted without waiting long.

In fact, within one day, he entered his own brand on the keyboard’s space bar and immediately removed it. What the following screenshot shows might bypass many users without a trace. And if you already have the new space bar, it should soon be back to its original state.

Usually the space bar shows which languages ​​are active.

That was not the only change in recent days, for many users the Google button and the attitude towards it had disappeared.

Gboard: the Google keyboard now without a Google key again?