Gboard: lente en lugar de búsqueda, nueva fuente y autom.  Modo oscuro

Gboard: the Google keyboard now without a Google key again?

Gboard: lens instead of search, new source and autom.  Dark mode

A new change to Gboard for Android doesn’t seem necessarily planned, the aggressively advertised Google Quick Access suddenly disappeared.

Google seems to be working on the Gboard keyboard, these days the Google key is suddenly disappearing. And with us, even the complete option to activate this button disappears. While I imagine people don’t use this button too often, Google is unlikely to want to remove this mark. Or does it? There was probably a server-side update that banned this option in settings, at least for now. The background is unknown.

Google makes the search button disappear

Colleagues consider it a bug, as the search is still available. With the Gboard open, press the button with the three dots on the toolbar, then you will come to a menu with more options and there is still a button for search. It is quite possible that the Google button will appear again on Gboard in the next few days.