George Clooney: ¿pies fríos antes de la boda?

George Clooney: cold feet before the wedding?

George Clooney: cold feet before the wedding?

Cold feet?

wantedthe 06/03/2014 | 09:35

It’s the sensation of the year: Hollywood’s hottest bachelor, George Clooney himself, leaves his beloved bachelor status behind and marries his friend Amal Alamuddin. At least that is how it is planned for September this year. Or is George Clooney backing down after all?

In the past, George Clooney was more of a lover of half things, so he was always willing to take women in stride. But since the 53-year-old met attorney Amal Alamuddin last year, George Clooney can’t go fast enough

George Clooney is not a fan of wedding prep

And so the former eternal bachelor proposed to his beloved a few months ago. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin will go to the altar in September 2014. Even the engagement party for the two lovebirds has already taken place, but it is in the American media. There are voices that claim George Clooney might still have cold feet.

George Clooney panics

After all, George Clooney was married once, but the marriage to Talia Balsam fell through after only four years. “He’s definitely totally in love with Amal and has no doubts about his plan to marry her, but he always panics when it comes to the wedding.Now, an alleged insider told the American magazine “National Enquirer” about George Clooney’s alleged fear of engagement, “He’s very afraid that his marriage could go wrong again, and the thought of a second divorce nearly killed him. Just talking about wedding plans makes you sweat. ”

The walk down the aisle is not always a walk, but sometimes an exhilarating uphill and downhill journey – George Clooney has to experience that firsthand. However, the Womanizer trusted her instincts from the start and you can never go wrong with that. Go ahead, George!

Image source: gettyimages / Feng Li