George Clooney comenta sobre el asunto del hacker de Sony

George Clooney comments on the Sony hacker affair


wantedon December 19, 2014 | 17:44

The Sony hackers affair is becoming increasingly explosive and even taking on political features. After stolen data and emails from film production company Sony Pictures initially caused strange reports, likely terrorist hackers are now demanding that the Franco / Rogen satire “The Interview” not be shown. George Clooney is now committed to ensuring that lawsuits are not minimized.

A few weeks ago it emerged that an unknown group of hackers had accessed the full data of the film production company Sony Pictures. Since then, hackers have caused a sensation with stolen emails, scripts and data on actors and employees, and blackmailed Sony into not taking the media satire “The Interview” to the movies. Successfully: Sony Pictures announced yesterday that the film with James Franco and Seth Rogen would not be shown.

George Clooney becomes politically active

Much to the chagrin of George Clooney, who previously tried to petition to make sure his fellow filmmakers didn’t give in to hackers. But nobody wanted to sign this petition. And George Clooney sees bigger problems than the simple loss of a critical comedy, as he announced in an interview with “”

George Clooney Wants The Interview To Be Shown

“This is not just an attack on Sony,” writes George Clooney in his petition that circulated about a week ago. “It’s about all the studios, all the television companies, all the companies and all the people in this country. That is why we support Sony’s decision not to respond to the hacker’s demands. ” Clear words that George Clooney addresses to his colleagues in the film and television business. And yet not only did no one sign his petition, Sony Pictures also announced yesterday that they would comply with the hackers’ main demand: The media satire “The Interview” in which James Franco and Seth Rogen travel to North Korea as reporters to kill the dictator during an interview will not begin in US theaters on December 25 as scheduled. Nor is any other type of publication foreseen.

George Clooney: It’s not just about the movie

George Clooney understands the reactions of those involved, but points out that there is more to removing a movie. By complying with the demands of the “Guardians of Peace” piracy group, terrorist threats were addressed and set a precedent against art freedom to address critical issues. George Clooney wanted to avoid this with his request. However, it does not look at Sony or the individual parties that decided not to take a position on the hacker issue with a signature. Due to the vast amount of secret data hackers had access to, no one wanted to get caught in the crossfire and possibly become the next victim of revelations. According to George Clooney, Sony also had no choice, as theater operators no longer want to show the film after the hacker group threatened terrorist attacks on cinemas showing “The Interview.” His solution to the dilemma would be to show the movie on the Internet. “Do everything you can to show this movie. Not because everyone has to see this movie, but because they don’t tell me we can’t see this movie. That’s the most important thing. We cannot be told what we are not allowed to see! “

When the first emails about the Sony hackers affair reached the public, no one would have thought about the scope of the cyber attack. George Clooney definitely proves that art freedom is more important to him than business movements and he definitely deserves a big round of applause for his opinion and commitment. And not just because we are looking forward to seeing a new movie with James Franco and Seth Rogen.

Image Source: Jason Carter Rinaldi / Getty Images