George Clooney: Primera aparición conjunta con Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney: First joint appearance with Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney: First joint appearance with Amal Alamuddin

Love declaration

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Hollywood boyfriend George Clooney and fiancee Amal Alamuddin have been a couple for almost six months. However, we were never allowed to marvel at the two of them together on the red carpet – until now. Because the actor took his girlfriend to “Celebrity Fight Night” in Florence. George Clooney not only received an award there, but also confessed his love for Amal Alamuddin in front of the entire audience.

George Clooney has had many girlfriends, but only one seems to have tamed him in the end. Amal Alamuddin has been engaged to the eternal single since April of this year. And indeed, the beautiful lawyer seems to be different from the 53-year-old’s ex-girlfriends, because she often refrains from public appearances and avoids the limelight. However, George Clooney managed to change his queen of hearts, and thus the dream couple appeared. for the first time together on a red carpet.

George Clooney is crazy about Amal Alamuddin

For their first appearance together, George Clooney and his fiancee opted for the couple look: they both appeared in black on the red carpet at “Celebrity Fight Night” and stole the show from all the other guests. The 53-year-old himself only had eyes for his beautiful girlfriend. Because although George Clooney received an award for his humanitarian commitment, for him that night was about his girlfriend Amal. Even during the acceptance speech, the actor couldn’t hide the fact that his thoughts are exclusively with his fiancee.George Clooney: Test of Love on Stage

As reported by People magazine, George Clooney couldn’t help but praise his fiancee. “Here in Italy I met my lovely girlfriend, whom I will marry in Venice in a few weeks”, the 59-year-old said when he accepted the award. Even after the acceptance speech, his girlfriend was filled with affection: according to “People” magazine, Amal Alamuddin is said to have been the actor’s center of attention throughout the night. So George Clooney couldn’t stop hugging his future wife over and over again.

George Clooney got it right: as if newly in love, the actor spun his Amal Alamuddin on “Celebrity Fight Night.” Thanks to the beautiful lawyer, all women can now bury their last hopes, because George Clooney seems to take her very seriously. This declaration of love was as sweet as sugar!

Image Source: Getty Images / Andrew Goodman