¡George Clooney para presidente!

George Clooney for President!

George Clooney for President!

New goals

wantedthe 05/06/2014 | 10:25

The year 2014 will be very special for George Clooney: a few months ago the “Sexiest Man in the World” proposed to his girlfriend Amal Alamuddin, and the two lovebirds want to walk in front of the altar in September. But in addition to planning his wedding, George Clooney also has very different goals: he wants to succeed in politics!

While everyone seems to be interested only in the wedding celebrations of George Clooney and his fiancee Amal Alamuddin, the Hollywood star uses his fame and media interest on himself. get politically involved.

George Clooney on the trail of Barack Obama?

In 2009, George Clooney successfully supported his good friend and acquaintance Barack Obama in the election campaign. After all, Obama became the first black president of the United States to occupy the seat in the White House in Washington. Will George Clooney soon be able to sit down himself? As “Daily Mail” reports, the actor has serious political ambitions. “He really wants to do more humanitarian work and hopes support the Democrats in the 2016 election“The magazine quotes a friend of George Clooney.

George Clooney in the White House?

After all, George Clooney has been to the White House several times, but only visiting so far! Most recently for the presentation of his current film “The Monuments Men” to a select few viewers. “George is thinking about how to get more involved. Now that you have Amal by your side, it will give you more credibility to run as a candidate.“The informant informed the” Daily Mail “. Apparently George Clooney is aiming for a more serious and realistic career down the line.

Goodbye Hollywood! We can very well imagine George Clooney as Mr. President. And the superstar already has the right connections to current President Barack Obama. Plus, Clooney would certainly have enough potential voters up his sleeve.

Image source: gettyimages / Win McNamee