George Clooney ama sus arrugas

George Clooney loves his wrinkles

George Clooney loves his wrinkles


A few weeks before her 55th birthday, the Hollywood star talks about growing old and lets it be known that although she is taking it all fairly in stride, her age sooner or later will still have a fairly significant influence on her film career.

“I love my gray years and also my wrinkles,” revealed George Clooney, who is also known to his fans as ‘Gorgeous George’ (in English: the stunning George), the women’s magazine ‘Meins’. “I like that my face now shows more personality, more character than when I was 20 or 30 years old.”

Apart from external changes, George Clooney is also aware of the change in his inner being, and apparently for the better: “I also think that we don’t see things so closely when we are older. We are becoming more relaxed, I like that. ” George Clooney also remains calm when compared to his friend Brad Pitt: “I am only two years older than Brad Pitt, but I look much older. Before I was frustrated, but now I don’t care ”. In an interview with BBC News, the star of “Hail, Caesar! “He casually stated recently,” You only have a few options: grow old or die. “

George Clooney doesn’t want to be in front of the camera much longer

In the same interview with BBC News, the gray-haired hunk had also thought aloud about the fact that as he grew older he felt less and less comfortable in front of the camera: “You try to choose the movies that suit you best. However, as you get older, you won’t find them as much, ”she told the UK News Outlet. “When you get older on screen, at some point you understand that you shouldn’t be in front of the camera forever.”

We have to vehemently disagree with George Clooney. Many older stars like Helen Mirren, Sean Connery or Ian McKellan still have a very good figure in front of the camera after 60 years and they attract tons of fans to theaters. Well, cheer up, George! You will definitely bring us some more entertaining movies.

Image Source: GettyImages / Tobias Schwarz, GettyImages / Robin Utrecht