Gerard Butler: ¡Ese es el nombre de su nuevo!

Gerard Butler: That’s the name of your new one!

Gerard Butler: That's the name of your new one!

Secret revealed!

wantedon 07/11/2014 | 16:13

Gerard Butler has tormented us over the past few months with the question of who is his new flame now. Now the secret of the chosen sexy actor has been revealed by the online magazine “JustJared” …

Over and over “JustJared” reported on this mysterious young lady with whom Gerard Butler has been seen making wild turtles for the past few months. The 44-year-old apparently made no secret of flirting with the pretty brunette. But who is this pretty “mystery girl” that made Gerard Butler turn his head?

Gerard Butler is happily in love

Gerard Butler was caught making out for the first time in a Malibu parking lot in August. The actor couldn’t take his hands off the tanned lady and openly toyed with his flame in front of the paparazzi. A moment later, the two were seen paddling on their feet. It was hot again there, because even on the board, Gerard Butler couldn’t help but cover his beauty with kisses. Now the online magazine “JustJared” has revealed the identity of the brunette athletes!

Gerard Butler: Your New Llama is an Interior Designer

So who is Gerard Butler’s chosen one? Her name is Morgan Brown and she is an interior designer by profession. The beautiful American bought a house at the age of twenty, turned it upside down and furnished it to suit her. This is how Gerard Butler’s newcomer discovered her passion for architecture and turned her hobby into a job: With “Morgan Browns Designs,” the talented businesswoman runs her own brand and is more successful with it. Morgan probably inherited his good looks from his mother, model Karen Brown. No wonder Gerard Butler simply couldn’t resist hitting beauty in public!

After several months of tinkering, the secret has finally been revealed: Gerard Butler’s lucky pick is the ambitious interior designer Morgan Brown. A suitable counterpart for the attractive actor, isn’t it?

Image Source: Photo by Anthony Harvey / Getty Images