Remolque alemán también "Amigos del pescador": Cuando los navegantes se convierten en los primeros en las listas de éxitos

German trailer too "Fisherman’s friends": When Boaters Top The Charts

German trailer too "Fisherman's friends": When Boaters Top The Charts

In “Friends of the fisherman – From the cutter to the cartons”, the story of the popular rhombus is not told, but that of the sailors’ choir of the same name. We’ve got the German trailer for the tragic two-star Netflix comedy for you.

So far, the ten members of Fisherman’s Friends (including James Purefoy) have only played their shacks as a cappella choir in the pubs of their homeland of Cornwall. One day, however, music producer Danny (Daniel Mays) also notices the singing sailors, as the great Universal record label hires him to sign the chorus. Although the whole thing soon turns out to be a cruel joke from his bosses, Danny truly believes in the success of the twittering fishermen. The more time you spend with them, the more you succumb to the allure of your village community and ultimately you are increasingly determined to make them really great …

“Fisherman’s Friends – From the cutter to the charts” is loosely based on the true careers of true fisherman friends who actually made it to a top 10 at Universal. Plus “Rogue One” rebel Daniel Mays and veteran actor David Hayman (“Taboo”), Netflix’s two stars James Purefoy (“Altered Carbon”) and Tuppence Middleton (“Sense8”) to watch.

The “Friends of the fisherman” will start singing their songs in German cinemas on August 8, 2019.