Alemania busca la superestrella

Germany seeks superstar

Germany seeks superstar

No one was really sad that Annemarie Eilfeld was kicked out of the DSDS semi-finals on Saturday. You didn’t even realize your own defeat: “I can only say one thing: finally. I wish you all the best and only the best. “ Really?

Because a big mistake in the vote could have cost Annemarie important votes: “… for Annemarie select 03 and for Daniel 02 …”the spokesperson commented. Totally wrong, the other way around would have been correct! While RTL explains that the error did not lead to a falsification of the results, Annemarie Eilfeld is really angry: “It is outrageous how this vote was not fun. I ask that the semifinals be repeated. ”

Well, Annemarie will probably not have any success with that, because according to RTL she was clearly in third place after the decision program, a few more votes would not have changed anything. It remains to be seen whether Annemarie Eilfeld and her father will be satisfied with this; after all, the two of them are considering taking legal action …

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(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius – All the information about “Germany looking for the superstar” in the special)