Next Top Model de Alemania: Semana de la Moda en Nueva York

Germany’s Next Top Model: New York Fashion Week

Germany's Next Top Model: New York Fashion Week

From Los Angeles via Miami to New York: In episode 9, the girls tried Germany’s Next Top Model his luck in the Big Apple. “New York is simply the fashion metropolis of America”said Heidi klum. Catwalk queen Mandy I could not wait: “I finally have a chance to show that I can race well. I want to go to Fashion Week. Now he’s getting really serious! ” And Mandy was rightly happy: She was booked into the Miss Sixty show and allowed to walk the runway with the professional models.

While Mandy on the Miss Sixty show at the New YorkFashion Week shone, became Go to since Peyman heavily criticized. “Lack of expression, lack of special action, lack of recognition value “: That’s how harsh he judged the woman from Cologne.

Along with Fashion Week there was an exciting Shooting training with an amazing backdrop on the show. Candidates had to attend a Strip pole pose artistically. “It seems easier than it is”, Heidi stressed. “You really have to have eaten a lot of spinach to be able to hold onto the bar for a few minutes.”

After the session with star photographer Walter Chin, he was very satisfied with the candidates: “I thought only one of the girls would attract attention. But I would say there are at least four girls who could work now. ” Candidate Stefanie did not convince in episode 9, had to fly home.

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