El próximo top model de Alemania: Thomas Hayo sale

Germany’s Next Top Model: Thomas Hayo Leaves

Germany's Next Top Model: Thomas Hayo Leaves

Shock message

GNTM fans now have to get really tough – jury favorite Thomas Hayo is leaving the show!

Thomas Hayo has been a member of the jury for “Germany’s Next Top Model” alongside Heidi Klum since 2011. In the last three years, he has even been a mentor to one of the two teams and has competed with his girls against the third jury, Michael Michalsky. But now Team Black boss Thomas Hayo announces his end on Instagram.

“The last 8 years with my GNTM family. What an impressive trip it was, ”Hayo writes in his latest post on the platform. “So many great young women that I was allowed to accompany a little bit on their way to them and their careers.” But then the surprise:

“Despite all the joy of the past few years, I have also noticed that now is the time to take a break from GNTM and break new ground.”

What is the reason for your departure?

Thomas Hayo provides the reasons for the sudden departure and therefore anticipates speculation. “Production always occupies a large part of my year, so for me everything was increasingly about GNTM. But I want to focus more on the things that I have neglected for a long time. My New York life, my friends there and many projects that are very close to my heart.

Will you see Thomas Hayo again soon?

If you’re getting really sad that you’ll miss Thomas Hayo on the show, there’s a little comfort. Hayo promises: “Of course I will remain closely associated with the GNTM family, but in what role and when will it emerge over time.” Guest judge appearances like EX-GNTM member Wolfgang Joop in the final season would be conceivable. Even in his current job as creative director, he could feel new model candidates at castings or the like.

Now, of course, a big question remains: Who will replace Thomas Hayo on the jury for “Germany’s Next Top Model”? We will keep you informed.