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Germany’s Next Top Model

Germany's Next Top Model

+ + The challenge: who is kissing the monkey? + + Heidi klum announces a star guest for the 2011 German Next Topmodel Girls ‘Challenge: David Beckham, Taylor Lautner and Leonardo DiCaprio are among the girls’ wishes. But it turns out very different! They are no less astonished than they Kenzie monkey is presented. They have to put a commercial with him. It doesn’t matter if it’s funny, serious or sexy, the main thing is that Heidi wants to see creative ideas from girls. Although Rebecca steals Isabel’s idea to film a bubble gum commercial, she, along with Isabel, Amelie and Anna-Lena, is selected as the winner of the monkey challenge.+ + Problems with Joana + + Joana, along with Rebecca, is one of the main objects of blasphemy: the girls ridicule her in front of Heidi Klum’s eyes because she did not hand over her cell phone like the others. Does that mean that Joana will be expelled sooner or later?+ + Makeover with the rest of the Schützenfest + +Although most of the girls have already been redesigned, now it is the turn of the rest of the candidates. Joana She is briefly afraid of being shaken, but Heidi only puts her to the test. Does most of the drama Paulina. It howls a few inches and annoys even the hairdresser and stylist. + + Envy and fear of contact during the sexy session + +The girls at GNTM should be happy because they are allowed to work with a real star photographer on the shoot: Ellen von Unwerth. But one is not happy at all: Anna-Lena. When she finds out that she should play sexy scenes with a hot male model, the top bitch discovers: “1. OMG my friend and 2. OMG, it looks like shit. And of course she lashed out again Rebeccawho, in his opinion, wears the most beautiful outfit again. While filming together with a competitor Joana The two, despite fears about her boyfriend, are doing well. Without further ado, they stage a pillow fight, feed themselves on chocolates, and simply ignore model Alex.+ + The workout: fun dance interludes and a nasty provocation + +The girls are then divided into three groups, each with a team leader: Joana must help her protégés to be more expressive, Amelie teaches her girls to dance and Rebecca is supposed to convey her sensuality. In the case of Amelie and Joana’s group, everything is going well in the subsequent presentation to the two Thomas jurors, especially Marie-Luise swings her hips and shows her talent for dancing. Only in Rebecca, Tahnee Y Anna-Lena Bad blood is likely to happen: the two boycott poor Rebecca’s training efforts and provoke her. “We acted like bitches, but that was fun.”says Anna-Lena. But they show their sexy skills during the performance. + + Walk live in the rain and the decision + +“The live walk will be a wet affair today”, Heidi Klum is happy on decision day. “There is a rain fashion show!” But the biggest problem for the Next Topmodel girls from Germany is not the slippery runway, but the challenge of having to choose the order of the girls at the fashion show. Of course there is a cat war! In the end he sits Tahnee through, you get the coveted first starting place. When making the decision, Marie-Luise has to dance again, of course Sarah and Paulina are severely criticized. In the end, however, surprisingly Franziska without photography.

What do you say? It was the decision Franziska to send home alone? And what about the behavior of Anna-Lena Rebecca in front of?

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Lost episode? The program will repeat on Sunday, April 3, 2011 at 8:45 am on ProSieben.