Acostúmbrate: Robert Pattinson es oficialmente el nuevo Batman

Get used to it: Robert Pattinson is officially the new Batman

Get used to it: Robert Pattinson is officially the new Batman

In the end, it was exciting again: Warner did additional test shots, in which both Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult donned Batman costumes. Now it’s official: Pattinson is the new batman.

Warner Bros. / MFA

Every year, one of the two big questions about Hollywood staff touches movie fans: The questions are “Who will be the new Bond?” And “Who will be the new Batman?” While Daniel Craig has to answer once again, in the still-untitled “James Bond 25,” the latest Batman, Ben Affleck, has already officially retired from Avengers. His successor, Robert Pattinson, was recently reported for the first time: Variety wrote in mid-May 2019 that only the final details of the contract needed to be clarified. Now Warner’s trusted industry magazine has the official confirmation:

Robert Pattinson becomes the new Batman movie.

Depending on his perspective, fans might hope or fear that Pattinson doesn’t actually turn into Batman after all. Informed sources wrote about the latest test recordings made with Pattinson and also with Nicholas Hoult. Warner wanted to be sure he was hiring the right man. After all, this is not just a new “Batman” movie, but, as always in Hollywood franchises, a whole potential series.

After 46-year-old Ben Affleck was never really happy with his role and only made two big appearances at the end (in “Batman V Superman” and “Justice League”), he is now 33-year-old Robert Pattinson. . to play rich playboy and dark knight. The first thing to do is on Matt Reeves’ “Batman” movie (“Cloverfield,” “Planet of the Apes 2 + 3”), which is likely to be released in June 2021 and whose script has apparently been tweaked for so long weather. We FILMSTARTS news writers have at some point lost the desire to write about what has now been discarded again and whether or not Ben Affleck is there.

All at the beginning

We assume that the new “Batman” movie will have little or no connection to “Batman V Superman” and “Justice League.” In fact, Warner has given up on the concept of a shared universe, which officially also includes “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman.” Rather than relying on consistency like the Marvel competition, they prefer to work on films that can stand up for themselves. This approach only worked very well recently with the funny “Shazam!”

Robert Pattinson really became known as the sexy bloodsucker Edward Cullen in the teenage vampire “Twilight,” but he long ago broke free from this role and offered an impressive array of roles. Our editor Björn Becher therefore believes:

Robert Pattinson can become a perfect Batman