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I love to surprise people. Especially people who mean a lot to me. I love making these people smile with little gestures. I love seeing their reactions to very personal gifts. And the best: the occasion does not always have to be Christmas or birthdays. You basically don’t need a reason at all, just the fact that you love the other person very much, think about them a lot, and want to make them happy. Such a surprise is even more successful for no reason.

The actual UHU campaign #sayitwithUHU is exactly under this motto: Create emotions! Just as a little reminder for everyday life that even the smallest gesture can have a big impact. Whether you bring your partner’s favorite chocolate with you when you go shopping or bake a cake and surprise the kids with it when they get home; be it a basket full of apples from your own garden for the neighbors or a jar of homemade jam; be it mail to grandparents with personal photos or painted pictures of the children. All these gestures don’t require much effort, but they are worth it.

sayitwithuhu babykindundmeer 2

sayitwithuhu babykindundmeer 1

But if you want to give something very personal for which you really need a little more time, I would like to draw your attention to the letters “Open if …”. Perhaps some of you already know this idea but have forgotten it a long time ago, perhaps it is completely new to some of you. Either way, it’s all a very personal and creative idea if you want to make someone you love happy, for a long period of time. Be it your partner, your best friend, your brother or sister, your mother, your father or your own child.

I hope I can inspire you and wish you all lots of fun with your touch-ups!

Present letter opens to me when 17

For my soul mate

I’ve already told you more than once… at least I hinted at how Verena and her family came into our lives. It all started when my blog was very young. Lotte was a few months old at the time and Verena sewed and sold children’s clothing. We met through DaWanda, she sewed clothes for Lilli and Lotte (Tom didn’t exist then), I featured them on the blog. One day the four of them (today there are also five) were on vacation near us, then we met on Laboe’s beach and immediately it “lit up” between us.

The next thing we met was when we were walking around “Kind & Jugend” in Cologne. Back then we talked about how each of us could imagine having a third child. When I got home afterwards, I suddenly had a positive pregnancy test on my hands, completely unexpected, and Verena was there for me from the first moment. Unfortunately, this pregnancy did not last. But from that moment on, the bond between and became stronger and closer. And so on, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. We got pregnant together, she got her Henry, I have our Tom. We traveled together, she accompanied us as a photographer at our wedding and was Tom’s godmother.

In the meantime, we’ve seen and been through so much together as never before with anyone else. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear from each other. Verena is always with me, even if we live several hours away by car. This distance only exists on the map, not in our hearts. I am incredibly happy to have Verena. She is part of me, more than a friend,… just a piece of heart that I really need. Like air to breathe. And I am sure that we will have many more exciting, fun, exciting and emotional adventures together! =)

best friends 1

Shortly before Christmas we were in New York for a few days and for my birthday and we got a friendship tattoo there. This symbolically represents our close connection and the fact that we never want to go our separate ways in life. It is unimaginable for both of us!

best friends 2

Open When … Cards: Crafting Instructions

Make envelopes

For the Open if … letter envelopes you need sheets of A4 paper. Colored paper is the most beautiful. I chose pastel colors for this. Also, you need one UHU STIC and all kinds of stickers, masking tape and other accessories to later decorate the envelopes as well as markers for writing.

This is how you fold the envelopes:

1.) Place the A4 paper vertically in front of you on the table.

Present letter open me when 2

2.) Take the top two corners and carefully fold them to the middle, as in the following image.

Present letter open me when 3

3.) Fold the paper in about 2 cm to the left and right, you can see it all in the following image.

4.) Fold the bottom of the paper up once and then fold it again. This is just for pre-bending before using the glue.

5.) Spread the glue on the folded edges.

Present letter open me when 4

6.) Now fold the bottom part up along the front fold and glue everything in place. Then fold the top down to make an envelope.

Done, that’s it!

Present letter open me when 5

Content of the letters

As for the content of the cards, there are no limits to your imagination! The best thing to do is to think in advance what messages should be included in your very personal letters. And then you go on thinking about what content goes with it. At least that’s how I did it and made notes on each individual letter beforehand.

You can fill the letters in a fun or emotional way, with something meaningful, or with something that figuratively represents something else, like play dough instead of money (“Open up when you’re broke”). You yourself know the person you are. Personally, I think a combination of fun, emotional and really meaningful content is the most beautiful. The main thing is that the content conforms to the respective letter and puts a smile on the face of the recipient.

Present letter open me when 1

Below are some excerpts from my envelopes and their respective contents:

Present letter open me when 6

Present letter open me when 7

Present letter open me when 8

Present letter open me when 10

Present letter open me when 9

Present letter open me when 11

I filled a total of 20 envelopes plus 1 envelope, which must be opened first, that is, immediately after receiving the gift. There is also a small gift for my girlfriend, some personal words and a small present “instruction”, which says that only one letter can be opened a day, that the envelope must correspond to the mood and that Verena, if the content of one envelope was not enough, you can, of course, pick up the phone immediately and call me. =)

Present letter open me when 13

Storage for letters

If you want to invent these letters and give them away, I definitely recommend making or designing a nice box, box or box for them. I decided on a wooden box, which I dressed up a bit with maritime decorations. I also have a decorative fishing net, various shells, and real beach sand with the UHU universal adhesive glued to the lid of the box.

Present letter open me when 14

Present letter open me when 15

Finally, you put the letters in the box and your gift is ready!

By the way, I attached the first letter to the inside of the cap with velcro so that it would not be overlooked. =)

Present letter open me when 16

I hope I can inspire you with this post and encourage you to play! Also take a look under the hashtag #sayitwithUHU and in the associate UHU campaign page around, because below you will find more creative and emotional craft ideas. Have fun browsing!

And tell me:

What was the most personal, that its ever given away? And what was the most personal gift that its ever received?

But now I’m curious and looking forward to your comments like crazy!

All the best,

your Mari =)

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