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Gigaset study on the moments when we like to do mobile streaming

Currently, streaming services for movies and series are used everywhere. A study explains more about where Germans like to broadcast.

In a current survey, Gigaset wants to be able to explain when and where we like to activate the streaming services that are very popular today with our smartphones. Some people even did this while driving a car, which is not recommended and is a high distraction factor. 54 percent of those surveyed like to broadcast while on vacation, 38 percent in bed before going to sleep, and 30 percent while riding buses and trains.

But there are other facts that are quite interesting. Even the level of education is decisive in knowing whether people use streaming services more or less.

In general, people with a high school diploma or college degree stream video content on their smartphones more often than people with a lower level of education. People between 14 and 29 years old transmit with greater intensity. And video streaming is even more popular in eastern Germany.

Other study findings:

Video streaming on, lights off

Almost 40% of all respondents say that they also consume video content on their smartphones before falling asleep in bed. In many cases, the device stays in the bedroom overnight. So don’t forget to activate the blue filter on your favorite series or video clip; This will ensure better sleep afterward. And in flight mode, the cell phone does not shine and does not bother you at night, until the alarm clock of the smartphone rings the next morning.

Mobile entertainment, even behind the wheel

For more than a quarter of all Germans, video content on their smartphone is part of the process when they are away from home. They flow on the train, S-Bahn, tram or bus (30%) or while traveling in the car (24%). After all, 4% have already played video content while behind the wheel of the car. Notable: in eastern Germany, the share is significantly higher at 11%.

Holiday reading contest

More than every second, German has already used his smartphone during the holidays to stream video content. The abolition of roaming charges within the EU certainly contributes to this. Like the fact that the memory of mobile devices is getting larger and that many video streaming providers also support downloading of content on the home WLAN network. Overall, it’s notable that men also broadcast more (66%) than women (42%) when on vacation. In this case, the age group over 60 is also strongly represented with 39%.

Most curious findings

  • One in four (24%) have broadcast videos in the bathroom. Men are in the majority here with 31%. Women only reach 17%. This suggests that gentlemen spend more time in the bathroom or relax better with a short movie.
  • One in ten watches sports – West German people tend to watch them more often. Obviously, they are being driven by their favorite series or music videos. In East Germany, one in ten people have broadcast video content while walking or commuting to work. Open your eyes in traffic!
  • Somewhat more women than men flow when they do household chores. Guys, get rid of the cliches and get on with the ironing board and plates!
  • According to statistics, every West German 100th between the ages of 30 and 59 with a high school completion certificate has streamed video content while riding a bike, but that’s actually going too far.