Gigi Hadid muestra vello en las axilas y provoca discusiones descaradas

Gigi Hadid shows underarm hair and provokes cheeky arguments

Gigi Hadid shows armpit hair and provokes cheeky arguments

Ask how “Isn’t shaving part of the concept?” Y “Did you forget to shave?” they were not an isolated case in the comments. Most fans just found this sight “Shocking”. But the video not only received criticism, but some fans were also very enthusiastic about the model’s courage. Therefore, it is not surprising that this has led to some discussion among followers. Even if the view requires getting used to and each woman must decide for herself whether to shave or not, this action convinced us! Because, as the editor-in-chief said, they want to show women how they live their femininity and that includes the fact that we don’t have to think about shaving our armpits every day. So: Two thumbs Gigi! We take off our hats for the courage to be portrayed like this!

You can see the full video on YouTube here: