Gigi Hadid molesta

Gigi Hadid upset

+ + Perrie Edwards teases Gigi and Zayn + +

Gigi Hadid, as a new friend, is aware of the content of the revenge song Zayn maliks Side, therefore, it is not good to speak at all. “This is a greeting to my ex / I heard that he is in love with another girl”he says in the chorus. To German: “This is a call to my ex / I heard he fell in love with another girl.” Perrie Edwards he sings his heartbreak very loud in the accompanying music video and has a clear message for everyone: Zayn gave him that back then Broken heart, because he let her sit for his newcomers. Needless to say, Gigi is anything but happy about it. But Diss vs. Zayn goes even further: “Here’s my ex, hey, look at me now, well I / I’m on top, I swear you will never bring me down”Translated it means: “This goes for my ex, hey look at me, I went up all the way, I swear you’ll never drag me down again.”