Gigi: tormenta de mierda

Gigi: shit storm

Gigi: shit storm

The new autumn / winter campaign of Versace It should show the modern family: mom, dad and two children. A super stylish family, black dad, blonde woman, older boy and younger girl. The perfect image from a 2016 picture book. The strange thing is that Gigi Hadid (21), who has no children and is very young, takes on the role of “mom”. If she were actually the mother of the two children, we estimate that the oldest would be 5 years old, she would have had it at 16. Sharp tongues ask Versace if it’s an ad campaign for teen mothers? Also, it is clear: Gigi does not fulfill a role of real role model …

Sure, models in campaigns always play a role, but choosing Gigi Hadid out of all the people for a “family” campaign is not very credible. And in general, advertising is about credibility. In the other photos, by the way, Karlie Kloss (23, has no children of her own) poses with “her” family, a much older man and older children – she’s the perfect teenage mom too!

Pregnant at 12

Also, people are bothered by the chain that is used to hold the dark-skinned toddler in the car.. What is supposed to be a classy Versace accessory (known for chains, glitter, and lots of embellishments) actually looks a bit sad in the photo. Gigi and the Italian luxury brand have yet to comment on the allegations. But it is clear to everyone that it will not be the most successful advertising campaign of all time …

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