"Gilmore Girls": ¿Lorelai y Emily se reconciliaron?

“Gilmore Girls”: Lorelai and Emily reconciled?

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It won’t be long before the iconic “Gilmore Girls” mother-daughter duo finally return to television screens. “Gilmore Girls: A New Year” could have some surprises in store for fans of the series, as Lauren Graham now revealed.

“It feels like the show has grown somehow, like the characters have grown,” reveals “Gilmore Girls” lead actress Lauren Graham, also known as Lorelai Gilmore, in an interview with “TVLine.” It’s no wonder, after all, that the long-awaited sequel takes place eight years after the last season of the cult series. So a lot has happened in Stars Hollow. Warning, spoilers! The turning point: Richard Gilmore, patriarch of the Gilmore clan and often the mediator between Lorelai and her mother Emily, has died!

The first episode of “Gilmore Girls: A New Year” begins about four months after the death of Lorelai’s father. It is time to start a new chapter in the grieving process. That also seems to apply to the relationship between the lovable tramp and her slightly snobbish mother Emily. “The healing process that is taking place between Lorelai and Emily was long overdue,” says Lauren Graham, summarizing the possible reconciliation of the two women. “And since Richard’s absence is a central part of our story, it meant a lot to me to let their relationship grow a bit.”

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In the four-part sequel, the Gilmore Girls will have a year to work. And not only that: Lorelai and Luke’s relationship will also be a problem, maybe the long-awaited wedding is finally there? And what’s next for Rory? Questions about the questions that fans of the ladies of “Stars Hollow” can answer themselves starting November 25, then all four episodes will be on Netflix.

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What a blow to all three “Gilmore Girls”! We are excited to see how Lorelai, Emily and Rory will continue.

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