"Gilmore Girls": Melissa McCarthy está ausente del set

“Gilmore Girls”: Melissa McCarthy is absent from set

"Gilmore Girls": Melissa McCarthy is absent from set

Yanic Truesdale

Daniel Schmidtthe 07/04/2016 | 12:02

Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Yanic Truesdale and company have all reunited on the set of “Gilmore Girls”. Melissa McCarthy is, of course, deeply missed and not just by fans. Actor Michel Gerard is also a bit saddened by his absence.

After all, Melissa McCarthy is not someone for the star of “Gilmore Girls”: “She is a friend, we see each other a lot and I love her to the point,” reports Yanic Truesdale to “People” magazine. “There is nothing I would prefer that I go back on set, but unfortunately that is completely out of my control. Your schedule is your schedule, ”says the 46-year-old. But of course, the absence of Melissa McCarthy does not leave the actors of “Gilmore Girls” on set without a trace.

“A family member is missing,” emphasizes Yanic Truesdale. “She is very loved and adored by the fans, the co-stars and me.” So many sweet words that the Canadian actor loses about his colleague, but no wonder, with such a close-knit group. It’s also not surprising that besides Melissa McCarthy, Yanic Truesdale misses one other former cast member so much, and certainly the others as well.

Melissa McCarthy has become extremely successful after the end of “Gilmore Girls.”

Rest in peace Richard Gilmore

Edward Herrmann, who played Richard Gilmore for seven seasons of “Gilmore Girls,” died in December 2014 of complications from a brain tumor. It remains to be seen how exactly this stroke of fate will be incorporated into the new edition of the hit series. One thing is certain: it will also be lacking, and not very little. Of course, Yanic Truesdale is still happy that the show is making a comeback. The earlier ending of “Gilmore Girls” never satisfied him, he explains to “People” magazine.

Well, hopefully that will change with the new episodes, especially since even Michel Gerard’s background should finally be examined in more detail, as Yanic Truesdale reveals. We are definitely happy for him and curious to see how the residents of Stars Hollow have fared over the past few years.

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