"Gilmore Girls": Netflix quiere más episodios

“Gilmore Girls”: Netflix wants more episodes

"Gilmore Girls": Netflix wants more episodes

Fan prayers answered

Fans’ prayers were answered: Netflix wants to produce more episodes of “Gilmore Girls,” on one condition.

“We’re definitely open to it, if Amy is,” Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos said of another “Gilmore Girls” sequel in a conversation with “Pedestrian.tv.” Consequently, the streaming service definitely wants to make more sequels to the “A New Year” revival, as long as creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is on board. “It’s a surprisingly international show and we were thrilled by the way people enjoyed the new episodes and the old episodes were presented to a whole new generation of viewers,” says Sarandos, explaining the provider’s motivations.

With this, Netflix was able to answer the prayers of countless fans around the world, because after the dramatic last words of “Gilmore Girls – A New Year”, they agreed on one point above all: so that the story of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore I just know don’t finish! Live action alliances quickly mobilized on social media, the actors and filmmakers of “Gilmore Girls” were bombarded with news and questions about a possible sequel to follow.

It can’t end like this!

“There should be a second revival because that last sentence blew me away. Netflix, you can’t do that to people, ”complained one user on Twitter.

Another fan noted: “If you do [jetzt] If there are no other 153 Gilmore Girls episodes, I feel very insecure with these last four words. “

And one went even further: “I just finished watching ‘A New Year’ and I can’t live with this ending. Netflix, more Gilmore please. “

Judging from the current announcement, the station seems to have listened to the fans. It remains to be seen what Amy Sherman-Palladino thinks of the plans. More “Gilmore girls”? We are on the move!

Image Source: Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodríguez

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