Gilmore Girls: Por eso ... no está en el avivamiento.

Gilmore Girls: That’s why… it’s not in revival.

Gilmore Girls: That's why ... it's not in revival.

Warning, spoilers!

In the resurgence of “Gilmore Girls,” nearly every man in Rory’s life reappears, forcing her (and the public) to decide: who should the cultured journalist end up with? However, one of Rory’s men is missing. And we will explain why!

As the trailer for “Gilmore Girls: A New Year” shows, the resurgence isn’t just about how things are going between Luke and Lorelai, but mostly about whether Rory can choose between the three great relationships of her life. can. Is there a love return with Dean, Jess or Logan? Almost every fan of the series will ask that question until November 25, when the new episodes finally hit Netflix. But isn’t Rory’s ex-boy still missing?

In an interview with series creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino, “TVLine” asks the question that is sure to burn some “Gilmore Girls” fans: What about Marty? The relationship was, at least on Rory’s part, purely friendly, but if there is a reunion with all the men in her life, shouldn’t the young heroine’s college classmate, played by Wayne Wilcox, be there?

Marty no longer fit

“We absolutely tried!” Promises Amy Sherman-Palladino. “We love Wayne! But for organic reasons it just didn’t fit. ” So it doesn’t appear to be due to the show’s creators’ unwillingness that Marty can’t try his luck with Rory again. The main culprit is the duration of the revival limited to a total of six hours (four episodes of 90 minutes each). “In true Palladino fashion, we wanted six hours of history and ended up with eight,” Daniel reports in an interview, “Or ten,” Amy chimes in. “So we had to reorganize a bit to adapt to the format. We didn’t want to overload people’s patience, ”he explains with a smile. “We would have made a much bigger story.”

Can Daniel and Amy Sherman-Palladino comfort fans with the fact that Marty fell victim to the six-hour format? Probably all “Gilmore Girls” fans would have seen ten hours of new episodes beaming with joy. Since the choice between Logan, Jess, and Dean is already tough for us anyway, it might not be so bad that Marty isn’t in the race too.

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