Gingerbread: el clásico en Navidad

Gingerbread: the classic at Christmas

Gingerbread: the classic at Christmas

Gingerbread: You Need It

400 g of honey 100 ml of water 100 g of brown sugar 60 g of biskin (or clarified butter) 300 g of wheat flour 300 g of rye flour 6 g of baking powder 1 packet of gingerbread spices 16 g baking soda (from the pharmacy) condensed milk

The classic gingerbread recipe

It is true that gingerbread cookies are not for beginners, but once you have the ingredients together, it is easier than you thought. In one cooking pot Heat the water, honey and brown sugar. Then add the fat (Biskin or clarified butter) and let it cool. Add the remaining ingredients and pour Night in the fridge put on. The next day, cut the desired shapes and 15 minutes in the oven at about 160 ° C. After cooling, decorate with icing and / or sweets to taste. tip: Also great as Christmas decorations for the tree or your window.