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GIRL, as important as your best friend and as cool as your older sister, always introduces you to the latest trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle. In addition, your first women’s magazine is also your perfect life coach: MÄDCHEN will not leave you alone with love sickness, problems with your parents or anger at school. It has advice for all situations.

+ + Your benefits at a glance + +

– Read the new MÄDCHEN issue (appears every 4 weeks) before you are at the newsstand at a low unit price (€ 0.99)

– With a subscription, you will conveniently receive the latest issue automatically, even now 1 day before

– reading it Departures already saved offlinewhen you feel like it

– Just navigate between the table of contents and the content and set your own marker

– The Zoom function

– The emag subscription includes up to 4 great specials our MADE BY YOU and FASHION & BEAUTY!

+ + How much does MÄDCHEN emag cost? + +

The “MÄDCHEN emag” is available for each issue at a price of only € 0.99. Alternatively, you can Subscriptions Use it with different runtimes and save correctly:

3 month subscription (3 numbers) at the price of € 2.996 month subscription (8 numbers) for the price of € 7.9912 month subscription (17 issues) at the price of € 16.99

You can easily read the MÄDCHEN emag via the newsstand (Apple iTunes) on your iPhone / iPad, via Google Play on your Android device or via on your PC.

+ + You have a choice + +

Choose the low price of € 0.99 or get a great price advantage with a subscription of 3, 6 or 12 months. Install MÄDCHEN emag, buy the MÄDCHEN edition you want and read right away. If you want to read offline, just use the download feature in the app. Nothing can separate you from the latest trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle and you always have the most recent or published issues with you.

+ + Here you can load the MÄDCHEN emag + +

iPhone / iPad: Apple Newsstand (iTunes)